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Neuropsychological Evaluations
We recommend this for children and teens that have never had an evaluation or when there are multiple concerns.
A Neuropsychological Assessment is appropriate if you have some of the following concerns about your child:
> Discrepancies between ability and academic performance
> Difficulties with reading, writing, handwriting and/or math
> Poor grades or highly variable grades
> Lower than expected performance on standardized tests
> Difficulty completing timed task such as tests and homework
> Procrastination, tendency to work slowly
> Easily distracted, easily frustrated, restless, or impulsive
> Problems with planning and organization
> Problems with moodiness, anxiety or social relationships
> Behavioral problems
Psychoeducational / ADHD Evaluations
This more abbreviated test battery may be appropriate for students that have already had a neuropsychological evaluation and need updated documentation for school accommodations. It may also be appropriate if the primary concern is attention and focus even when there are no indications of academic struggles.

A Psychoeducational / ADHD Assessment is appropriate if you have some of the following concern about your child:
> Intellectual functioning
> Academic achievement (reading, writing and math)
> Poor grades or highly variable grades
> Screening for possible ADHD
> Screening for psychological issues that may affect attention and learning
Adult ADHD Assessments
We will conduct a detailed interview of current functioning, prior functioning, academic and employment history, and family history related to ADHD. In addition, we administer ADHD questionnaires and conduct a computerized testing measure. After our initial interview and testing, we will write a letter to your employer or primary care physician.

An Adult ADHD Assessment is appropriate if you have some of the following candidates:
> Working professionals
> Adults trying to distinguish between anxiety and ADHD
> Adults whose primary care physician require a formal diagnosis
> College students with a previous evaluation may find that their university will accept this evaluation as a demonstration of need for continued ADHD accommodations.
Psychological Evaluations
Provide a more in-depth assessment of psychological issues than the psychological screening that is provided in our other assessments. It addresses psychological disorders that may accompany ADHD. In addition to the administration of psychological tests, it includes an in-depth clinical interview and, when appropriate, an interview of significant others in the individual’s life.

A Psychological Evaluation is appropriate if you have some of the following concerns:
> Anxiety
> Depression
> Personality and psychological disorders
> Interpersonal problems
> Thought disorders
> May be added to a full Neuropsychological Evaluation when there are substantial psychological concerns
School Admissions Testing
Provides the standard assessment required for private school admissions. Depending on age it will require only intellectual testing or a combination of intellectual testing and academic achievement testing.

Admissions Testing is appropriate for families with students who are:
> Applying to private schools 2nd – 5th grade
> Applying to a private school for middle school students who need academic achievement testing
'High Stakes' Testing for Accommodations
If you are seeking accommodations on “high stakes” standardized test (SAT, ACT, GRE, MCAT, LSAT, etc.) we recommend our most thorough assessment – a neuropsychological test battery.

‘High Stakes’ Testing for Accommodations may be necessary if the following conditions apply:
> Trying to receive accommodations for standardized testing
> Rejected for accommodations by the standardized boards due to insufficient history or diagnosis
> Need for accommodations at the graduate school level