Dr. Handratta’s consultations include:  

  • a detailed and thorough review of prior medical records, background information gathered through Chesapeake’s intake process, and any recent evaluations from primary care physicians or psychiatrists
  • the administration and review of psychometrics (standardized rating scales)
  • the integration of collateral information from relevant parties
  • a 60-minute consultation appointment
  • a comprehensive treatment plan, which is then shared with the client’s primary care physician or treating psychiatrist to implement (with recommended lab work / tests based on the needs of each individual patient)
  • coordination of care with the treating physician


Dr. Handratta’s process begins with the review of intake paperwork and questionnaires.  This is followed by a virtual 60-minute consultation appointment, which results in a comprehensive write-up with his recommendations for treatment.


****Please note: It is your responsibility to check with your treating physician before your appointment  to ensure that they will be able to implement Dr. Handratta’s recommendations. Dr. Handratta is not able to see clients who have Medicare.